Talking About Phoebe

Here’s how we told our son Elliot that our dog Phoebe passed away.

Jess: So something happened last night at Gram and Papa’s house.

Elliot: What happened?

Jess: Phoebe got sick and went away.

Elliot: Phoebe went away?

Jess: Yeah, like Dado went away and like Jumpy your frog went away.

Elliot: Phoebe died?

Me: Yeah, Phoebe died last night.

Jess: The next time you see Papa you need to give him a big hug because he took care of Phoebe for a long time. He did everything with her.

Elliot: Why was Phoebe always at Papa’s house?

Jess: Well, Phoebe used to live with us, but when you came along she got really jealous. She didn’t like that I gave all my attention to you instead of her. So she went to live with Papa.

Elliot: And Gram?

Jess: Yeah, Papa and Gram.

Me: We adopted Phoebe when mommy and I lived in California. She was running around the streets of Oakland and was very sick when we found her.

Jess: You know Phoebe had worms so bad when we got her that she would only poop in the middle of the street? She would just stop while we were in a crosswalk and go right there.

Elliot: What would the people in the cars do?

Jess: They would stop and wait for us while Phoebe just squatted and stared at them.

Me: Phoebe was scared of everything when we got her. Any noise would make her jump. She came a long way, though she was always a bit quirky.

Elliot: Yeah.

Elliot: I really liked Phoebe.

Me: Yeah, she was a good girl.

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